Best flower vases to enhance the beauty of your drawing room

FP Studio July 17, 2020 11:23:10 IST
Best flower vases to enhance the beauty of your drawing room

Available in a wooden vase

If you are looking to add beauty to your living room with a vase, this pot with red and white coloured flowers should do the trick. It has artificial orchid flowers, whose leaves and flowers can be taken out of the stem for washing and be easily fixed back. The flower vase is made of wood, so it provides that royal look. This one is perfect for indoors. The USP of this product is that the flowers are easily washable in cold water to maintain the new look. They also come in many colors, at a great price.

With artificial bamboo leaves

This wood hexagon-shaped pot comes with an artificial bamboo leaves plant. As per Chinese mythology bamboo plants bring good luck, prosperity, wealth and happiness. This flower pot is also a perfect gift option for every occasion. It is stylish and can be placed anywhere in your home or office and versatile enough for both indoors and outdoors. The green bamboo leaves provide a natural look to the area.

Ceramic flower pot for home and office table

This ceramic, round vase enhances the show of your office table or centre table in your house. This hand-painted designer flower vase looks nice with any kind of artificial flowers and is meant for indoor use. The vase has a matte finish and the beautiful flowers are made of poly silk. This product is quite maintenance free except for the occasional dusting. You should invest in this flower vase for its unique design that will surely stand out.

Suitable for coffee table

Want to make your coffee table at work or at home more stylish, then you should buy this elegant looking flower pot. You can also place it on any tabletop, windowsill, or counter to enjoy the beauty of potted plants without the mess or maintenance. This vase comes with printed artificial flowers which are made from good quality material and fabrics. The vase is available in pastel vibrant plastic and is washable and dust resistant. This is an ideal product as it is highly durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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