Best file storage organizers for personal use

FP Studio December 17, 2020 11:41:28 IST
Best file storage organizers for personal use

Set of 2

The PrettyKrafts magazine and file organizer has three other colour variants other than black available, which are – pink, purple and multicolour. You can also opt to buy three instead of two of them. It is made of non-woven material and is extremely durable as well as long lasting, thanks to the felt material with which it is made. This table organiser is ideal for both home and office use and can easily help you to keep your desk organised. This desk organiser has multiple sections and partitions to store many things at once.

Expanding folder

The Techtest Expanding files folder has many variants – 5 pockets (4 pcs), 5 pockets (6 pcs), 26 pockets (1 pc), 24 pockets with cover (1 pc), and 24 pockets (2 pcs). All of these variants are for A4 size files and documents only. They are multicoloured and made of plastic. It stays protected from damage and deform, thanks to its cloth edges and strong bonding. It is well bonded by hot pressing, so you can be sure that it won’t break or get damaged easily, ensuring long lasting usage for all your files.

4 Compartments File Rack

The DaKos multipurpose plastic 4 compartments file rack and desktop holder is available in two colours – black and blue. It is made of plastic and has a detachable design which is easy to assemble. Its steady structure ensures longevity and when not in use, you can simply disassemble it and store it away, for later use. There is one file rack which comes with four sections. You can use this at home, office or even at school. It is an ideal file rack for storing files, mails, catalogues and other stationary items as well.

Wooden tray

The Cartshopper creative wooden file tray is extremely easy to assemble and is also detachable. All the panels are sealed using silicone trap and can easily be bought apart, allowing you to store it away when not using it. The wood used is eco-friendly and doesn’t require painting or has double sided coating, making it extremely durable. It is robust, waterproof as well as extremely easy to clean. It allows you to organise your desk in such a way that it remains clean yet, everything is available right in front of your hands!

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