Best feeding bottles for your baby’s comfort

FP Studio May 29, 2020 00:00:40 IST
Best feeding bottles for your baby’s comfort

Let your baby have fun naturally!

Philips Avent Natural bottles have wide, flexible nipples with a petal design, which prevents nipple collapse and helps promote a natural latch. Clinically proven to reduce fussing, its advanced anti-colic system allows air into the bottle instead of your baby's tummy. With only a few parts and made of Honey-colored BPA-free PES material, they are easy to clean a comfortable shape for your baby’s tiny hands to hold. Philips Avent has been manufacturing quality and exclusive products for mothers and babies since 1984 and this offering is really one of the top ways to give your baby a natural feeding experience. So if you are worried about your baby not taking to a feeding bottle, we think this is the bottle that will solve all your worries. Go for it!

Certified safety with this product!

When you think about the best baby bottles, you may not think glass ones make the cut. Made from non-toxic international quality glass for safety and durability, the Mee Mee premium glass bottles conform to international laws of safety and are certified by the Indian medical academy for preventive health. These glass baby bottles are easier to clean, can have better longevity and are truly free of chemicals. When you want to give your baby a safe choice, look no further. Super-easy to hold, thanks to its slim, long shape, its multi-functional design allows you to fill it with any nutritious liquids like milk, water, formula or juice. Travel friendly and leak proof even when tilted, it's easy to clean, store and use for years. This one will truly be a saviour for you, trust us!

Takes care of your baby’s comfort all the time

Chinmay Kids brings to you a natural and safe way of feeding formula to your baby. This 240ml bottle has a wide neck, soft nipples, and is easy to fill, hold, and clean, which makes it an apt choice for feeding your baby comfortably. The stainless steel body of the bottle makes it a versatile and practical tool for feeding. It is not easily breakable and makes them extremely safe for your little one to use. Stainless steel thermal bottles are a great choice when out and about as they keep the liquid contents hot or cold for a long period of time. So in case you were worried about plastic and silicone feeding bottles, this should be the answer!

An eco-friendly choice for your baby

There’s no such thing as the perfect baby bottle - just the best baby bottle that works for you and your baby. But if you’re trying to use less plastic, we highly recommend stainless steel baby bottles like Born Babies® SS Feeding Bottle. The bottle body and lid are crafted from safe, anti-bacterial and high quality 304 grade Stainless Steel and are joint free. A safe and practical alternative to plastic bottles the nipple is made from high quality medical-grade silicon. Given the amount of plastic that’s in our landfills and our oceans, with stainless steel you have no problems with chemical leaching. So choose this and make it eco-friendly and child safe for your kid!

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