Best fancy tumblers for serving

FP Studio June 11, 2021 02:08:48 IST
Best fancy tumblers for serving

Mughlai style tumbler

India Art villa brings these beautiful Goblet-shaped, Mughlai-influenced Brass glasses. On the Occasion of Diwali, Christmas, Anniversary, Birthdays these items can be readily turned into a wonderful Gift Item. The item is highly durable, elegant and a wonderful addition to your Home Decor. These glasses are golden in color. The capacity of the tumbler set is 250ml each. If you'd like to display your Brass items rather than storing them, a glass-enclosed cabinet makes a good choice. Avoid unvarnished wood shelves that can omit harmful vapors and can cause tarnishing. Glass shelves are preferred over wooden shelves. This can be a great gift since they come in fancy boxes.

Hammered glass tumbler

Jay Antiques bring this traditional hammered tumbler. It promotes a healthy lifestyle. Now an easy and healthy way of living is much easier than expected by using these pure copper glasses. The capacity is 250 ml for each glass. As genuine Copper kills bacteria and is proved to be a remedy for weight, skin and aging you can use these pure copper glasses for the same. This product is applauded by patrons for its intricate design and incomparable. This is traditional and Pure Copper drinkware with flat copper hammered glass look. It is useful to drink water before sunrise for all, including healthy persons.

Peacock design

This gorgeous set of glasses by 2heet Handicrafts is made of fine stainless steel and is perfect for serving at your home. They are silver-colored and have aluminum sheet coating on them. It is highly durable and has Meenakari colors on it which makes the glasses attractive. It is also available in golden color. These are beautiful for tableware and serving water or even juice, wine, whiskey, etc. The capacity of these glasses is 250 ml each. It is a set of 6 stainless steel glass. They can also be ideal for gifting during Diwali, Christmas, and any occasion for that matter.

Embossed glassware

Crockery wala and company designed this super chic glassware for serving. They are golden in color and are huge so they have a capacity of 330 ml each. On the occasion of Diwali, Christmas, anniversary, birthdays these items can be readily turned into a wonderful gift item.
The item is highly durable, elegant and a wonderful addition to your Home Décor. The artisan-crafted handmade metal ware is made by skilled craftsmen in India. It can be a unique gift idea since these are cool, hand-crafted brass glass and make excellent gifts for both men and women, great for weddings, anniversary gifts for mom and dad or husband/wife, or simply as a fun novelty addition to your current bar collection.

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