Best facemasks for complete protection

FP Studio October 18, 2020 11:18:16 IST
Best facemasks for complete protection

Triple-layer protection

These masks are aesthetically designed, comfortable to wear, provide desired protection and are still economical. They are prepared in the most hygienic conditions, through automated production processes and minimal handling, after thorough research and quality adherence. It makes for a perfect fit of mask and is essential for ensuring protection. The ear loops are made of Premium Tubular Elastic which is soft on ears and facilitates ease of wearing for a longer time.
It provides 3-layered protection. The outer layer of premium woven fabric- mechanical barrier for effective filtration. The middle layer of special non-woven interlining fused with the upper layer while the inner layer of pure cotton is absorbent material and gentle on skin. Need the best-fitted mask? Then go for this one.

Anti-pollution mask

These are unisex stylish face mask not only have innovative design but are also hand painted. It protects you from dirt and dust particles. The fabric ensures protection from small and micro particles too. It is an anti-pollution pure cotton unisex nose and mouth covering mask which comes in different painting and each mask is of different color. The masks are available in the following colours -- peach, black, leaf green and baby pink. It's reusable and washable more than 30 times.

Pack of 50

This is a disposable face mask for protection from pollution with a nose clip. These surgical masks provide three layers of protection and good comfort. The elastic ear bands are adjustable and suitable for men, women and kids. This pack contains 50 masks. There are other packs containing 20, 100, 200 and 500 masks too. These disposable face masks are most suitable to wear in every situation be it at home, office, school, hospital and other public places. These should suit buyers looking for disposable and affordable masks.

5 layers of protection

This N95 mask provides cover against dusts, allergens, fog/haze, splattering liquids and anti-odour. The 5 layers of protection and efficient filtering features two layers of non-woven fabric and two layers of melt-blown fabric. It is made of reusable activated carbon cotton ensures that your skin stays fresh. The mask is foldable and lightweight. This is an anti-dust protection mouth mask for sports, running, hiking, climbing, and for many other purposes. N95 masks are reusable for up to 80-100 hours i.e 8-10 days if you're wearing for 8 hours a day. They are strictly not washable but are the best possible option when it comes to face masks. Go for this pack if you need a complete face mask.

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