Best fabric conditioners for your delicate garments

FP Studio December 31, 2020 02:25:13 IST
Best fabric conditioners for your delicate garments

Makes clothes soft and cosy

If you want your clothes to shine like new every day, this comforter is for you. Even the best of detergents can tangle cloth fibres making them rough, dull, and lifeless. Taking a small step of using this conditioner after washing nourishes the cloth fibres damaged by detergent, giving them new-like shine even after repeated washing. Not only do they shine, but they also give visible softness to your favourite clothes. You can also just add the conditioner with your regular machine wash. For hand washing, all you need to do is soak clothes for 15 minutes in a bucket full of water with a cap of fabric conditioner. Get this extremely easy to use fabric conditioner today.

Smells like a french perfume

Forget your fancy perfumes, this fabric conditioner comes with a fragrance inspired by a famous French perfume. It lasts long giving you scented freshness all day. The new encapsulation technology releases fragrance in bursts when clothes come in contact with your body, thus offering you a whole day of fragrance. The scent stays on clothes even after rinsing and drying. Just one capful of this after-wash care essential is enough to give lasting fragrance and softness to 20 clothes. The fact that it is also antibacterial is just cherry on the top.

Kills 99% of germs

Every day thousands of bacteria and viruses stick on your clothes and live on. Only washing these clothes regularly is not enough. This fabric conditioner does not compromise safety over comfort. This unique fabric conditioner is also a proven antibacterial. Its unique formula removes 99% of germs. Perfect for medical practitioners, it not only kills germs but also leaves feel-good fragrance. It is even safe for washing your baby’s clothes providing antibacterial care after wash. This conditioner makes your clothes safe and keeps your family protected all the more leaving them soft and nicely scented.

Protection from colour fading

This fabric conditioner not only keeps your clothes soft but also does not let them wrinkle. It protects your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. No matter how harsh the detergent, this conditioner keeps your clothes soft and warm. After wash, it leaves them with a clean, long-lasting fresh scent you’ll want to keep sniffing. Easy to use and compatible with top-and front-loading machines, this conditioner is a must-have addition to laundry day—so your clothes can always look fresh and you feel at your best.

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