Best Energy-Saving Refrigerators You Can Buy This Year

FP Studio November 12, 2020 09:35:14 IST
Best Energy-Saving Refrigerators You Can Buy This Year

Shiny Steel Frost Free Refrigerator

4-star rated as per the 2019 BEE rating, this refrigerator is suitable for families with 2-3 members with a capacity of 260 litres. Shiny steel in colour, it boasts long sturdy handles for a good grip and has 3 toughened glass shelves on the inside - perfect for your food storage needs. The refrigerator has an auto defrost function to stop ice buildup while a moisture balance crisper in the vegetable tray to keep everything fresh. Above all this, the refrigerator is equipped with Auto Smart Connect technology which connects your appliance to the power inverter if the electricity ever goes off. If you face frequent power cut-offs in your area, then this refrigerator is for you.

Storing food for a large family is no problem

With a capacity of 336 litres, this refrigerator is suitable for families with 5 or more members. Not only is it energy efficient with a 3-star rating but because of its intelligent inverter compressor, the appliance also makes less noise and ensures increased durability. Its jumbo vegetable tray, known as the Fresh Safe Vegetable Case locks in humidity to create a perfect environment to keep fruits and veg safe. Not just that, but the refrigerator as a whole is equipped with AG Clean technology which deactivates bacteria and mould to keep food hygienic and safe for consumption. This product is perfect for health fanatics.

Single door refrigerator with quieter operation

Perfect for a small family of 2-3 people, this refrigerator has a capacity of 212 litres. The product is economical with a high 3-star energy rating and ensures cooling without fluctuation. The refrigerator has toughened glass shelves for durability and a clear view lamp on the inside. More importantly, its Digital Inverter Technology automatically balances the refrigerator’s speed by calculating its cooling demand. This empowers the refrigerator to work for a longer time with less energy consumption, less noise and long-lasting performance. In case you’re after undoubted durability, this refrigerator is a good choice.

Customise compartments according to your needs

With a capacity of 258 litres, this double door refrigerator is a good choice for a medium-sized family. Not to mention, this product is a good option for energy consumption with its 3-star energy rating. While it comes with some great function and design, this refrigerator truly stands out because of its 5-in-1 Convertible technology. Because of this latest technology you can control the fridge and freezer with many different modes. Now you can convert your freezer into a fridge, or just keep either of the compartments active independently with a few steps!

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