Best electric cookers for your home

FP Studio March 01, 2021 18:29:13 IST
Best electric cookers for your home

Cooks, bakes, and fries

This electric cooker is a dual pot. This helps you cook 4 different dishes at the same time. Each pot is 2.5L. With 12 different cooking modes, you can cook almost all the dishes in this cooker. From rice and dal all the way to porridge. You can even fry in this cooker. With 24 hours delay function you can even plan for the next meals while catching your sleep or going to work. It also has a 12hour warm mode which means your food will stay warm for up to 12 hours. All this in a cooker that is energy efficient. It also comes with a 30 recipe cookbook. So you can try new recipes every day. Get this cooker as your cooking genie today!

Has thirteen preset menus

This electric pressure cooker works on advanced technology in cooking. Based on the fundamentals of a pressure cooker but improvised with 7 safety guards, it delivers mess-free, efficient fast cooking. The 13 preset menus controlled by microchips let you enjoy favorite dishes with little manual intervention. It also retains nutrition while cooking your favorite dishes. The cooking process preserves the nutritional content in all the ingredients being cooked. Steam cook, not just rice indulge in baking, stewing, sauteing, frying, etc with this versatile electric cooker.

Perfect for small families

Leave behind the traditional way of cooking rice with this all-new electric cooker. The smart appliance makes it easy to prepare rice as well as steamed dishes with just a touch. Ideal for small families and bachelors, the rice cooker is also ideal for preparing steamed dishes such as momos and steamed vegetables. This 5L cooker comes with a one-touch operation which makes it easy to prepare your favorite dishes with convenience. All you need to do is add the ingredients and select the required function. With a unique ‘Keep Warm’ function, it keeps the food warm for a long period of time, eliminating the need to reheat food multiple times.

Made out of tough stainless steel

This rice cooker has a sturdy make and elegant design which adds to the look of your kitchen. It comes with high quality anodized aluminum cooking pan, cooking plate, measuring cup, and one scoop. It has a good capacity of 2.2 L which is ideal for a family of 4-5 or a small house party. Cook the delicious food for family guests and make them happy. You can cook up to 1.25 Kg of rice at a time in this Cooker. The body of the cooker is made of premium quality CRCA, food-grade material, and the lid is made of tough stainless steel. The cooking pan of the cooker is made of anodized aluminum which is extremely durable. This is a ROHS compliant product, making your food tasty and healthy. Get this stylish companion for your kitchen today!

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