Best electric chimneys to pick for your kitchen

FP Studio September 25, 2020 04:32:32 IST
Best electric chimneys to pick for your kitchen

Cleaning with precision
This compact chimney comes with attractive features and impressive performance. This is a pyramid style chimney with side wall mounting and powder-coated finish. It has a stainless steel baffle filter with impressive suction power which will keep smoke and grease away from your home. There are also 2 LED lamps and they give the perfect amount of light for your cooking and provide ease of operation with the touch control. You can choose from high, medium and low suction to suit a variety of foods and cooking. It is extremely easy to clean. This one will appeal to people for its strong steel filter and superb suction capacity.

Has gesture control feature
It is stylish and the sleek exterior complements your modern kitchen to keep you up to speed with new trends. The motion sensor is top grade and the gesture control feature lets you operate the chimney with a simple motion of your hand. It also has an oil collector which will help in reducing your cleaning efforts and easily maintain the chimney. Get this product for its polished look and durability. If you are looking for a kitchen chimney with a sleek look that will not only be utilitarian but up the style quotient of your kitchen then this is perfect for you.

A silent operator
The chimney comes with a high efficiency 190 watt motor and this is the heart of this product. The powerful motor prevents smoke from escaping the chimney. The design is unique with its curved glass feature. There is an intelligent push button which offers maximum convenience for the user. There is also the energy-efficient LED which keeps the kitchen bright and provides the perfect amount of light while cooking. It produces very little sound without any compromise on the performance. All these features make this a top product which is a must for your kitchen.

Filterless technology
This chimney comes with an auto clean technology that helps to get rid of the sticky oil particles inside the chimney and collect it in the oil collector placed right below. It makes use of a heating element to get rid of the sticky oil particles. The strong suction capacity will help your kitchen remain new. This one has a filterless technology for 100% oil suction. It draws in the unhealthy smoke and oil completely. The wall mounted hood chimney is appropriate for a medium size kitchen with a gas stove with 3 or 4 burners. Anyone looking for a hassle-free experience and best auto clean should invest in this product.

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