Best DJ consoles to rock any party

FP Studio August 20, 2020 14:29:46 IST
Best DJ consoles to rock any party

It has two turntables

This device can give your music new heights and has a compact dimension, weighing around 2.1 kg. It is suitable for mixing and matching tracks on the go for any party. It has two channels and consists of two turntables and full assignable controls for a smooth performance. It also comes with a controller. This one is a well-known brand and is an ideal product for those who want high performance from their device.

With top DJ software

This one is specially designed for creative mixing and remixing. It has a unique two decks controller feature for a precise performance and high-quality feel. It boasts of a dual-digit display for highlighting loop sizes. The DJ pad midi controller has a 4-channel audio interface and this allows users to connect speakers and headphones for an all-in-one mixing solution. The visual indicators help keep DJs in keeping the rhythm and phrase of their tracks intact. It has DJUCED 40° 3.0 software that features tracks and multiple sample packs which allows DJs to get started instantly. For those who want to purchase the all-rounder, it should make the cut.

Made from pro-grade steel
This premium 2-deck controller is essentially built for professional DJs. It is made from pro-grade steel which ensures long-term durability. There are two mic inputs with separate EQs, RCS aux input for external devices. There is a great balance between main and booth outputs, mono and stereo modes. The different features allow the DJ to use their favourite programs and customize their performance as per the mood and situation. If you are looking for a device that provides top quality sound, then this is the one for you.

Just plug and play
Never be worried with what your skill sets are with this DJ console. This device allows you to connect directly to your laptop and lets you play and mix all of your favourite songs and videos with the included DJ software. Mixing, blending and creating just the right mood has never been this easy and well, you will be the centre of attraction of any party. The thing that clinches the deal for this product is that it is quite affordable compared to other DJ consoles.

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