Best disinfectant wipes for travel

FP Studio September 25, 2020 18:35:29 IST
Best disinfectant wipes for travel

Multipurpose protection for regular use

Packed with WHO recommended Quaternary Ammonium compound formula, you get advanced sanitising with every wipe. 80 of these pre-soaked wipes make it easy to use in hospitals, dental offices, when visiting the vet or even for long term care of patients. With no alcohol or bleach they are moist yet non-greasy to use regularly. Safe to use around small children this is perfect for anyone who receives a lot of parcels everyday or deals with the outdoors in high traffic areas.

Easy disinfecting on the go

An already trusted name in the business, Savlon’s germ protection wet wipes are perfect for both skin and surface cleaning. All it takes is one wipe of this powerful formula too and you can be sure of quick germ-free protection anywhere. A huge plus is that it can be used on multiple surfaces like from wood and glass to stone and plastic so you can throw this into your bag or backpack and tackle germs anywhere. For peace of mind and reliable protection against germs, it doesn't get better than this.

Get 99.99% germ protection anywhere

Surfaces like our life buttons, smartphones, laptops, door handles and switches often collect more germs than our hands which we clean with some regularity. Keeping this large pack wipes handy makes it easy to clean surfaces as you go along your day. Made of non-woven spunlace wipes these wipes are thick, soft and enriched with aloe vera making them gentle on skin too. We loved the easy flip lid that keeps the moisture in and made it easy to use even one handed in a car full of kids. This one is a must buy for large families with robust, frequent cleaning needs.

Easy disinfection for mobiles, laptops and handles

These slim packs of multi-surface disinfectant wipes fit into your pocket or clutch making it easy to slip into your pocket or clutch and take anywhere. IsoPropyl Alcohol based and eco-friendly, each wipe has the power to destroy 99.9 % of fungi, germs and bacteria on a number of surfaces. Now whether you are at a restaurant, a public playground rousing public transport, the earth-friendly use and throw wipes can make you feel safe again. Using them regularly to disinfect high traffic areas like your building railings, elevator buttons or office door handles can kill germs in seconds and protect you from catching a number of unwanted bugs. If you’re looking for a product that is both effective and eco-friendly, this is it.

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