Best diapers for babies

FP Studio October 19, 2020 21:39:12 IST
Best diapers for babies

Wetness indicator

These are premium diapers with cotton like soft materials that are best for your baby’s delicate skin. They contain lotion with aloe vera and 3 air channels which helps your baby’s skin breathe. Your child will experience 5-star comfort with unique added features like wetness indicator which turns yellow to blue indication when you may change and disposal tape which helps you in easy disposal of the diaper. They are available in six sizes. For a hassle-free experience get these diapers which are the best out there.

Non-woven material

These diapers keep your baby comfortable in the day as well as at night. Their soft material is gentle on your baby’s bum keeping their precious skin perfect. This diaper is suitable for babies weighing between 9 and 14 kgs. The diaper is made up of non-woven material which provides a more comfortable feel. Trickle lock side cuffs ensure that the diaper does not have any leakages. The core absorption pad of the diaper is large which ensures maximum dryness of the baby. It can also hold up to 7 glasses of liquid. This is an ideal choice to ensure maximum dryness for your baby.

Airfresh material

These diapers come with features like wetness indicator, extra thin core designed to give superior absorbency and keep your little angel's skin dry all day long. It is made with ultra-soft airfresh material and a 360 degree soft elastic band to keep your little one's delicate skin far from diaper rashes. The advanced double leak protection has made it the most preferred diaper pants among mothers. The fluid distribution channels help to distribute fluid evenly throughout the diaper and keeps the contact surface dry. The advanced double leak protection ensures no spillage and keeps baby skin dry and prevents rashes. This really comfortable diaper also comes for a very reasonable price making it great value for money.

Triple protection

There are three areas where a diaper surrounds the baby’s skin – the baby’s bottom, the baby’s waist, and the baby’s thigh. These diapers have unique features which provide best care and comfort in all these three areas.It also comes with a cushiony waist band, which is so soft that it helps prevent the occurrence of red marks around the baby’s waist. This is so soft and fluffy that it feels like a bed against your baby’s bottom, keeping it extremely comfortable. Moreover, it absorbs the wetness and spreads it out evenly – keeping your little one's bottom dry. This diaper pant is lined with the super soft 3-D Bubble-Bed in the inside layer of the diaper. If you want optimum comfort for your child, this is the one.

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