Best detergent powders for stain free clothes

FP Studio June 26, 2020 00:00:17 IST
Best detergent powders for stain free clothes

Say goodbye to strongest of stains with this detergent

We wear the best of our outfits when we are going out for any occasion. While relishing on delicacies, we often tend to drop food on our clothes and then worry about how to get them off our favourite attire. This detergent is the solution to your problem. It has stain fighting ingredients and provides long-lasting fragrance to your clothes. It ensures that they remain bright and does not lose its sheen. If you are cleaning your clothes in the Washing machine , all you need is just one scoop for normal load and one-and-a-half scoops for heavy load. This detergent can remove tough stains caused by juices, chocolate, ketchup and butter.

For whiter and brighter clothes

White clothes easily catch stains and it is no less than a task to remove them. Since most school uniforms, office formals are white or light coloured, they tend to get dirty easily. This detergent comes with superior technology that makes your clothes clean and stain free. It dissolves quickly in water and gets rid of the toughest of dirt. The fragrance in this detergent ensures your clothes smell fresh and make you feel refreshed all day.

Make your clothes look brand new

Children often dirty their clothes, giving tough time to mothers to clean them. While playing, eating, or even out on a stroll, kids need no effort to soil their clothes. Now, mothers need not worry about stains as this detergent has enzyme formula that helps in removing toughest of dirt and making clothes look fresh and bright. It will bring out the brilliant whiteness to your clothes.The detergent dissolves easily in water and quickly generates foam. The superior formulation can remove dirt even from difficult-to-clean areas like collars and cuffs and leaves behind a wonderful fragrance. It works wonderfully on both white and colored clothes.

For quick and easy laundry

If you want to wash away stains from your clothes quickly, then you should opt for this detergent. It has hand rub action power that penetrates clothes and removes tough stains. This means you will no longer have to soak or scrub for long and it also saves up the time and effort that you put behind everyday laundry. It dissolves completely and leaves no residue on your clothes. This one is a time saver and a great cleanser for your clothes!

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