Best dental floss for complete dental care

FP Studio August 24, 2020 22:30:02 IST
Best dental floss for complete dental care

Easy on the gums

If you have trouble sliding floss through your teeth, then you may prefer a waxed floss. It glides smoothly between the teeth making flossing as comfortable and relaxed as it can be. The thread does not break easily as it uses a pretty strong material. It is 25 m long and lasts up to 4 to 6 weeks. It is thin enough to reach between narrow interstices in between teeth and does not fray while using. It is a good pick for your daily dental routine. Looking for a smooth flossing routine? The wax coating in this one will make the job easier.

Coated with polymer

Floss products can help you clean the areas that toothbrushes can't reach. They help keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean. This floss has specially bonded filament to make it easy for you to insert. It's polymer-coated for effortless plaque removal with shred, fray-resistant fibres for your comfort and safety. The floss moves effortlessly between your teeth. From a trusted brand, this is a quality product and lives up to its promise. Indulge in the refreshing taste of every debris and food particles. This works wonderfully well even for your molars. All-in-all, the dental floss to meet all your oral care needs.

Makes it simpler

It is much easier to use than the normal thread ones. Many find flossing a very technical process and if not done properly it leads to gaps between teeth. For those who still have not mastered the art of using a thread for flossing, this one is a gift. Just hold its plastic handle and with gentle movement of the hand let the thread, tautly held together between two points, glide up and down between the teeth. The mint flavored dental floss also has a built in toothpick and a tongue cleaner. So you are not just buying a floss, it’s like having a dental hygienist in your pocket. Ideal for those who are looking for some fresh-flavored floss.

Great flexibility

This product offers great flexibility and bends in any angle for you to clean those hard to reach corners in your mouth. This dental floss helps grab onto food particles for effective removal, which means no cavities. This one is not a floss thread but comes in the form of a pick. Floss picks are easier to use, purely because they have a handle. The product will certainly appeal to those who are looking for a great deal as it is a combo pack.

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