Best dartboards to play with at home

FP Studio December 17, 2020 09:37:02 IST
Best dartboards to play with at home

Bristle dartboard (Durable)

The Sky Tech Wooden 17-Inch Double Faced Flock Printing Thickening Tournament Bristle Dartboard comes with 6 needles and its dimension are 17x17-inches. The darts are pointed in this one, but they also have a wooden 17-inch variant, along with 15-inch and 18-inch variants too. It has steel compression ring binds and the outer edge has sisal fibers, which are tightly compressed, ensuring durability and helps to extend the dart board’s life. It has two-set games – one classic 20-point dart and the other a target bulls-eye. It also comes with a staple free frame, allowing you to get a good shot!

Round wires

The AB Sales Dart Board Game has round shaped wires which allows to prevent it from bouncing off. It is composed of sisal fibers, that ensures durability and longevity. The darts have steel tips, allowing it to the stick to the board easily. Its triangular wiring deflects darts right into the target area, allowing the potential to score the maximum, every time. Also, this board is portable, so it can easily hang anywhere and at any time, and also acts as an excellent stress buster.

Premium Wood

The Planet of Toys Dartboard is 18-inches in size, made of wood and comes with 3 darts. There is also another 12-inch variant available. It is extremely durable and long lasting, thanks to the premium quality wood which is used to make it, allowing for uncountable arrow needle hits. The needles of the darts are main of stainless steel, so they stick to the board easily. This dartboard is quite big in size and can be used by both adults as well as children (under supervision).

Magnetic board

The Cable World 17-inches magnetic indoor and outdoor score dartboard kit comes with 6 soft darts and the magnet in it has a strong pull to hold the darts in place. Also, since the darts are soft, it is safe for children to play with as well. The board is easy to install, because it comes with a keyhole slot on its back which makes it easy to hang. Children as young as 6 years old, can play with this dartboard, making it a fun distraction for all!

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