Best dark chocolates for those who love it bitter

FP Studio August 25, 2020 09:47:11 IST
Best dark chocolates for those who love it bitter

Acute dark chocolate with a citric tint
One of the many ways of making vegan chocolates fun, tasty and interesting is to combine them with a hint of orange. The citrusy and sweet-tart taste of the orange gives a bright and fresh spin to the chocolate, making it all the more delectable. Dark chocolate is already a healthy option, and the addition of vegan ingredients, absence of gluten and the inclusion of orange makes it all the more better. Ambriona Daarzel 65% Dark Chocolate Bar with Orange is rich in antioxidants too. This way, one can have chocolates to their heart's content, and enjoy without feeling guilty about consuming them.

An intense cherry flavour with almonds
The fresh and fruity taste of cherries, combined with slightly bitter hints of the dark chocolate, and topped off by a few crunchy almond silvers provide for an extremely rich experience. The beautiful aroma, texture and taste is bound to appease all of your senses. Although Lindt Excellence Cherry Intense Chocolate is supposed to be an after-dinner treat, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day. It can even be grated or diced and used in desserts to add a fun and sweet little twist to them. If you love cherries in your dark chocolate, this one is a must buy for you.

Delight for health conscious people
Chocolates are meant to be enjoyed by all, even by the health conscious and vegans. This keto chocolate is a perfect solution as it checks all the boxes one might have while browsing for healthy options, while simultaneously not compromising the taste and delight of dark chocolate. It is made with all vegan ingredients, filled with lots of nutrition, an ultra low carb rate owing to natural sweeteners, Ketofy - Dark Keto Chocolate Sugar Free Unsweetened Intense Dark Chocolate No Maltitol Gluten Free is the perfect blend of healthy and delicious.

Inclusion of crunchy butterscotch
Butterscotch has a slightly salty and wonderful taste, which, when mixed with fine dark chocolate, yields something that is of exquisite taste. The inclusion of crunchy butterscotch in the otherwise smooth and silky chocolate adds to its texture and compliments it beautifully. The rich taste of the delectable butterscotch flavour will brighten up your mood and sweeten moments. Rage I Love U Butterscotch Chocolate Bar is completely vegetarian and is free from eggs so don’t let your food preference stop you from indulging into this. It is perfect as a gift for someone very near and dear owing to the packing that sends a message from your side portraying a sweet gesture.

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