Best Cordless Trimmers For Men

FP Studio July 14, 2020 00:00:39 IST
Best Cordless Trimmers For Men

For the longest run time

With 90 minutes of cordless use from just one hour's charging, there's plenty to love in this trimmer. Besides charges quickly and the convenient battery indicator that tells you when to plugin and if you have enough juice left for one more trim. The titanium-coated round-tipped blades are both skin-friendly and self-sharpening, making maintenance easy. But what amazed us most were the 20 length settings that let us play with versatile cuts and get a clean, precise shave every single time. That too 30% faster than what we got before. Thank you, BT3221/15's innovative Lift and Trim system! Finally, in a duffel or knapsack, the stylish travel pouch was an easy fix to protect the trimmer when not in use or on the go.

Get fastest USB-charging trimmer for a great shave

The Nova NHT 1072 is an excellent trimmer that gives you 45 minutes of use on a single charge. You'll see that the removable battery charges up to 75% faster than other USB-charged trimmers and is fully charged in just two hours. We had no trouble trying this on hair with different lengths as the titanium coated blades and heads with ultra-thin slots tackled it all quickly. Perfect for getting even the coarsest hair into shape, beard lovers will love the sharp, high-precision blades with a trimming range of 0.5mm-10mm. Now you can put your best face forward - easy peasy.

Lightweight and simple use

With its simple design and features, even first time users will love this one. It's quiet, lightweight, and you don't need to be a technology pro to use it. It's simple enough for people of all ages. The low-noise motor meant that we used in rooms near sleeping babies and the early hours of the morning without waking up the family. Charging is simple with the included USB cable, and one full charge gives you an incredible 45 minutes of cordless use. The stainless steel blades come with three attachments, so the trimmer can be used for quick haircuts as well as beard styling Wherever you are. The sturdy power button is an added safety feature that ensures the trimmer doesn't accidentally turn on. All-in-all it's an awesome wireless trimmer that gives great value for money!

For perfect styling every time

With 60 stress-free minutes of use, this trimmer with a lithium-ion battery seems to go on and on and on. And if you think that is incredible, we also found the power indicator to be a lifesaver that brings us back to reality and reminds us when it's low on power. The sharp stainless steel blades with the length adjustable comb settings let us get a precise stubble between 0.4-10mm. Overall, we found this trimmer silent, lightweight, packing quite the punch for its compact size. With this in hand, various buzz cuts and beard styles are just a few precise trim strokes away.

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