Best cookies for an ideal snack

FP Studio October 26, 2020 10:30:04 IST
Best cookies for an ideal snack

With velvety cream

Get ready to experience heavenly bliss with these chocolate filled cookies. Each cookie is made with a perfectly baked caramelized crust that enrobes rich, velvety choco crème, so each bite is a unique combination of crunch and soft, oozing, molten chocolate cream. You can use these cookies to make a range of desserts like a dessert jar with white chocolate chips and whipped cream or even a mousse. It has a total fat content of not more than 0.1 per cent by weight. It is a combination of luscious chocolate filling. Enrobed within a perfectly baked rich cookie outer and it epitomizes the brand promise of pure indulgence. For a chocolaty taste, this one here is a great option.

Evening tea snack

This one has a delicately balanced flavour of cashew and coconut cookies which will get you addicted. Their crispy texture ensures you relish every bit of it. Filled with cashew and almond flakes, these cookies are filling and healthy. Their crispy texture ensures you relish every bit of it. These cookies are perfect to be served along with your evening tea. These cookies come in a lovely tin pack. This means you can carry them when you are out and about to relieve those hunger pangs. Get these cookies for their crunchy and crispy taste.

Milk cookies for all

These cookies are made from milk solids which deliver the healthiest taste and can be enjoyed along with hot tea or coffee at home, office or while on the go. Kids and youngsters are fond of these cookies for its delightful taste. It claims to be richer in milk than any other biscuit. If you have one pack of these biscuits it is equal to three glasses of milk. Kids are often not fond of pure milk and these cookies are a great alternative for parents who want to provide all the nutrients there in milk products.

Vanilla flavour

These vanilla creme cookies bring together the rich and smooth flavours of creme filling with the bold taste of crunchy chocolate vanilla biscuits. It is an ideal option for snack lovers and perfect to eat anytime. The cookies are an ultimate combination designed to make you go wow. The best way to eat these cookies is to dunk it in a glass of milk or tea – whichever you prefer. These cookies have been a classic for many years and part of plenty of desserts like a chocolate cake, a cheesecake or even milkshakes. This is one of the best choices of cookies available in the market and loved by all.

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