Best compact car vacuum cleaners

FP Studio December 29, 2020 13:41:46 IST
Best compact car vacuum cleaners

Car Vacuum Cleaner
Voroly brings High Power Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner for Car. It is a 12-volt 120W 3800 pa high suction power vacuum with a high-performance motor provides superior suction capability in a compact size and will adsorb all kinds of dusty. The HEPA filters is removable and washable. It can be washable and usable repeatedly. HEPA filter Effectively separate dust and air to avoid secondary pollution, gives you fresh air. Corded Car Vacuum comes with 1 HEPA Filter, 1 brush for loosening trash, 1 crevice tube for cleaning the crack in the car, 1 soft long tube for reaching more hard to reach area. 1 storage bag, which allows you to conveniently store car vacuum and accessories away.

Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner
Bergmann has this Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner with Stainless Steel HEPA Filter. For the first time in India, Bergmann Stunner boasts of a Stainless Steel HEPA Filter, which requires no replacement ever and will work for the lifetime of the product! Its body comprises of most expensive and highest grade mirror-finish ABS (typically used for mobile phones). Additionally, it also comes with a 5m power cord which can help you reach every corner of your car. It comes with 3 attachments (nozzle, brush & flexible hose pipe) which can all be used in conjunction with each as per requirement. (It should be noted that many other products do not provide the hose pipe which is very essential for cleaning in deep and hard to reach areas). Bergmann Stunner is available in two color options – black or white. Overall a great product!

Power vacuum
RNG EKO GREEN has this 200 Watt/6.5KPA Cyclonic Power Wet/Dry Car Vacuum Cleaner in the colour white. Motor of RNG EKO GREEN Car Vacuum Cleaner is Big with (3.6cm diameter) in comparison to motors found in other brand (2.7cm diameter) car vacuum cleaners. Bigger motor generates higher torque and higher power (200 Watts) and it is made of 100% pure copper which gives high efficiency. ​It has a multi cyclone system which generates power to prevent loss of suction. Dual filtration system with mesh filter outside and HEPA filter is there inside. Double filter system increases the life of the HEPA filter and hence the vacuum cleaner becomes more durable. It has an easily removable and washable mesh filter & HEPA filter.

Super suction
GoMechanic brings this Neutron 4500 Handheld Super Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner with 1 Year Warranty for All Cars. Probably the most stunning and elegant design ever to be created in a car vacuum cleaner. Along with a comfortable handle for ease of use. Easily removable and washable hepa filter for high efficiency. The cord Length is 3.5M. This long cord length helps you clean any difficult to reach areas and absorbs any type of liquid easy as pie. It has High suction power vacuum with a high-performance motor provides superior suction capability in a compact size. The car vacuum comes with 5 attachments to fully use the capacity of the vacuum. 1 long tube, 1 brush, 1 cleaning suction nozzle, and 2 connectors.

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