Best cold cream for dry skin

FP Studio December 17, 2020 12:33:38 IST
Best cold cream for dry skin

Skincare with natural ingredients

Made with only natural ingredients, this cream is as gentle as it is nourishing on your skin. Wheat germ, sunflower, and almond oil fortify the cream with vitamin A, B, C, D, E. These nutrients nourish the skin within leaving it fresh and young. The carrot extracts and galangal strengthen skin for a more vital and younger appearance. All you need to do is apply the cream with upward strokes. Morning application protects the skin from harmful environmental stress whereas, at night, the cream rejuvenates the skin. With zero chemicals, this cream is definitely our favorite skincare product.

Nongreasy care for skin

Soothing fragrance, soft texture of milk, and goodness of peach. Give your skin the vitamin E it truly deserves. This cream gives you 24hours protection. The sunflower oil extracts packed with antioxidants leaves your skin looking younger. It is easily absorbed in the skin leaving no oiliness behind. You can apply it smoothly on your face as well as your neck. It not only moisturizes the skin but also gives protection from the sun. Perfect for all skin types this cream is the dream of makeup artists.

Moisture miracle cream

Catered to your dynamic lifestyle, this cream is suitable for every weather and all skin types. Enriched with jojoba oils and the essential vitamin E it absorbs quickly in your skin. The texture of this moisturizing cream is extremely light, which makes it easy to spread all over your skin, without making it greasy or sticky. This cream is perfect not only for your face but also for your hands and feet. Apply it regularly with your skin cleansing ritual, and you will see the results almost immediately.

Leaves skin looking young

Forget dry lines and uneven patches. This cream leaves your skin not only smooth and soft but makes it smooth and even. Vital beauty oils and skin nutrients give you softness from inside and glowing skin outside. The glycerin makes it soft and supple. Be it harsh winter mornings or pollution packed evenings, this cream is your skin’s savior. You will love the soft touch of your skin once the cream is done creating its magic. Grab this cream today for that youthful glow.

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