Best chocolates to give to your sweetheart

FP Studio February 20, 2021 19:31:41 IST
Best chocolates to give to your sweetheart

A true chocoholic's pleasure

Impressively packaged, this pack of three chocolates is dense, smooth and deliciously tasty. With two bars of 55% cocoa and one milk chocolate, there's plenty of choice for every mood. Made from a single country - Indian sourced cocoa, each bar is divided into convenient single-serve blocks that are easy to taste and savour whenever you want it. With this set of three bars, there's also plenty to eat, share, and tuck away for later. Great for those who don't care for super-dark chocolate, these sweet treats are both affordable and impressive.

Five ways to enjoy chocolate

This collection features a delicious luxury selection of gourmet chocolates, including new contemporary favourites, including unique flavours such as Almond & orange and Salted caramel (70%). It's hard to know what level of cocoa will satisfy someone's palate. Still, with these, you have a splendid variety of milk chocolate and various dark chocolate levels, mixed berry and even a bar of decadent dark chocolate. If you're looking for a chocolate that melts in your mouth, each of these bars is sure to satisfy your cravings quickly.

Individually wrapped choco-hazel goodness

This exotic product is a popular favourite with most people with good reason. This fine hazelnut milk chocolate is wrapped in beautiful gold foil, making for a beautiful presenting with every piece. Truly premium in appearance and taste, it offers a unique taste experience of contrasting layers. Starting with a whole hazelnut at its heart, a delicious creamy hazelnut layer is followed by a crisp wafer shell covered with chocolate, and gently roasted pieces make the final layer. If you want to make someone feel unique and special, you can't go wrong with this iconic chocolate set.

Premium chocolate gift box

Probably the most delicious wafers you will taste in a long time, these chocolate wafer biscuits are a hit for all ages. Their delicious, crunchy, chocolate has a rich flavour and melts in your mouth. They make great additions to lunch boxes, on road trips or even served with a hot cup of coffee and the gift tin makes it easy to present on any occasion. If you're looking for a delicious chocolatey treat to give a friend, family member or loved one, you can't go wrong with this.

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