Best chocolate products to make great desserts

FP Studio June 05, 2020 21:23:39 IST
Best chocolate products to make great desserts

For the health conscious foodies

To look fit, we cut down on a lot many of our favourite items. Chocolates are one of the best stress busters around and also energise us. Adding the right amount of chocolate in your desert will only make it a decadent affair.
This 99.99 percent handcrafted chocolate is known for low carbs. It is completely gluten free and has zero sugar. Made of real cocoa from Africa, this vegetarian chocolate can add taste to all your baked dishes.

The much-needed chocolate flavour to your dessert

Many of us are turning vegan and cutting down on animal protein as well as dairy and dairy products. But that does not mean you can let go of your craving for chocolate cake.
Well you can always bake your favourite desserts using alternatives to dairy products. And why not make it even better by baking chocolate cake, brownies, lava cake or even chocolate sauce at home so that you can be doubly sure that you are not using any of the products that are not vegan. This 99% dark chocolate cooking bar is gluten free and is created from Indian Origin Cocoa beans.

Making your bake dish look tempting

Anyone who cooks will tell you that the perfectly baked cake is not finished unless you top it with the right ingredient. Your hard labour depends on the way you garnish, decorate and present your cake, dessert or any other bake dish. The vegetarian product is a raw material for home-made chocolate and can be used for cooking various sweet dishes.

For those who want a snap and shine with the chocolate

Not all types of chocolate are suitable for all dishes. For certain recipes you need a variety of chocolate that might allow you a glossy tone to your dish.This 74.6% dark chocolate is suitable for all types of chocolate masking, decoration, melting, molding, enrobing and baking.
Perfect for making chocolate bars, covering truffles, or making clusters or barks, it contains the right amount of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar and emulsifiers.

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