Best cat litter for your pet

FP Studio November 02, 2020 10:27:26 IST
Best cat litter for your pet

Easy clean-up

It has a highly absorbent formula which absorbs faster and clumps quickly. This makes cleaning a breeze as its mess-free easy clean-up. It contains fresh fragrant heavy duty odour eliminators. Unique anti-odour formula eliminates obnoxious odour including ammonia. As well as instant absorbent formula traps odour inside the clumps. There is less litter usage with this product hence it lasts for a long period of time. Fine texture of natural bentonite clay granules gives your beloved cat a naturally soft feel. This litter comes with a lemon fragrance which means your cat will not carry smelly litter around all over the house.

No foul odour

Nobody likes the smell of cat pee or poo. It is understandable that it is very hard to have everyday life with your kitty. This product provides a nit and tidy solution over the messy clumps and odour. This litter makes your routine easier. It is made with 100% Natural Wyoming Bentonite which is completely safe for your cat and kittens. This cat litter is granulated clay-based. Bentonite cat litter is one of the most convenient ways to control the mess and odour. Clay-based granules help to create rock-solid clumps and make the scooping easy. The moisture activated particles make a tight seal around the cat waste.

Clean and easy

This product is an easy method to ensure that your pet is fully protected. Different types of products in this are all made of good quality material.One 10 kg of this litter is the equivalent of about 28 kg of conventional cat litter. Before using this product for the first time you should empty and thoroughly lean the litter box. Thereafter simply scoop out clumps from time rather than emptying the entire box and save money in the process. Do not flush scoopable litter down the toilet and dispose of it with household garbage. This litter is total value-for-money and a great product on a budget.

Scoop minus hassle

This litter comes in lavender flavour giving a very natural and flowery fragrance. It has a very high liquid absorption rate and pellet size is 0.2 to 2.25 mm. Due to the smallest pellet size, there will be no wastage at all and it will clump quickly. This litter has anti-odour properties. This Bentonite cat litter is easily scoopable and better filtration due to small pellets. The advantage of bentonite in cat litters is that it will absorb several times its dry weight in liquid, and in doing so it expands as much as 15 times its original volume and at the same time forms clumps that can be scooped out without removing the rest of the litter. This is one of the best cat litters that you can get for your furry companion.

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