Best cases to carry your Nintendo switches in style

FP Studio February 11, 2021 02:49:32 IST
Best cases to carry your Nintendo switches in style

Basic vault

The first thing you notice about this case is its build style. It looks as if you are carrying a secret item! And that is wrapped in vibrant red color. The AmazonBasics Vault Case cover is a hard shell so it will comfortably handle regular drops. It stores your switch along with 8 switch game cards. It is made from a dual-layered material which helps keep your switch safe.

Stealth secret

The PowerA Stealth Case has got to be one of the sleekest cases ever made for the Switch. It looks like something designed by Apple. The case is zipped so it's easy to open and close. The insides are lined with felt so your switch stays warm and cozy inside. Despite being slim it can still carry 5 game cards alongside the handheld. The case also has a built-in stand for tabletop view.

This means business

The UGREEN Carrying Case looks like something for professional or business use but it actually carries your switch! It is carved with a protective foam that is shockproof. It allows you to not only carry your switch but also associated joycons and 20 game cards. It has a mesh layer to store HDMI cable, power adapter, flash drive & battery pack! Talk about a master. The whole thing is made from environmental-friendly materials.

The everyday carry

The TASLAR Game Accessories Case is the simplest of them all. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles and just want to have a case to carry your switch and a few games around then this is the right product for you. The whole case is made from soft polycarbonate which feels soft to the touch and also helps protect the switch inside it. It has a zipper for easy closing and opening. It is protected against accidental drops, scratches, bumps & dents.

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