Best card games to unwind

FP Studio November 02, 2020 11:14:17 IST
Best card games to unwind

It’s time for some UNO

This is the classic and beloved card game that’s easy to pick up and impossible to put down. Players take turns matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck either by colour or number. Special action cards deliver game-changing moments as they each perform a function to help you defeat your opponents. These include skips, reverses, draw twos, colour-changing wild and draw four wild cards. You’ll find 25 of each colour (red, green, blue, and yellow), plus the eight wild cards, inside the 108-card deck. If you can’t make a match, you must draw from the central pile. And when you’re down to one card, don’t forget to shout UNO. The first player to rid themselves of all the cards in their hand before their opponents wins. It’s a an easy to learn game meant for everyone.

Some buying and selling

This brings fun of Monopoly in a quick-playing card game. It comes with 110 cards including property cards, rent cards, house and hotel cards, and wild property cards. Action cards let players do things such as charge rent and make tricky deals. House and hotel cards raise rent values. Wild property cards help players build property sets, and players pay their debts with money cards. Be the first player to collect 3 complete property card sets in different colours to win. This card game is a great way to play the fast-dealing property trading game in as little as 15 minutes. Ideal choice for a great fun game for the entire family.

Entertainment of the best kind

This is a fast flippin', picture pickin' card game that's all about speed. Players flip through their cards to connect images, find matches and get rid of all their cards. Once one match is found, another is immediately called out and the search is on again so think fast, because the first player to get rid of their entire hand is the winner. It is ideal for 2 to 6 players in the age group of 7 years and older. Game play is so easy to understand and young kids can play independently. It is one of the best card games that you can think about playing and it will keep everyone enthralled. If you need the most entertaining of card games, buy this one.

For hangout with friends

This is a set of poker playing cards – a game that has been popular for centuries. The cards are flexible, strong, and they resist scuffs and breaks, all of which should ensure years of play from a single deck. Typically, the winner of each hand of poker is the player that holds the highest ranked hand when all cards are shown at the end of the hand – known as the ‘showdown’ – or the player that makes the last uncalled bet, thus winning without needing to reach a showdown. Poker is usually made more fun among family members and friends. It is a classical game which brings everyone together.

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