Best card games for the entire family

FP Studio June 24, 2020 09:32:02 IST
Best card games for the entire family

Play poker or flush together to make the most of the evening

This deck of cards comes with the sleek design and a royal black colour finish. The cards are damage resistant because of their waterproof quality and can be used to play any card game. One thing is certain, the colours of the cards are not fading away soon and the surface will remain smooth for a long time. You can have some great wholesome family fun with this deck for a long time!

Rent, buy and trade properties in this monopoly Deal card game

Loosely based on the age old monopoly board game, this card game is going to be a sure hit in your household. Suited to accommodate 2 to 5 players, the classic property game will help you do so much in little time. Aided with 110 deal cards, 2 Mr. Monopoly cards and an instruction booklet, the pack is sure to settle you for an enjoyable night of fun and chatter.

So have a great time with your family as you save yourself from debt collectors, forced deals and deal breakers as you try and collect the three property sets. A great game!

Ride high on the Uno adventure!

The pack comes with two sets of cards and a multicolor design. As many as 10 people can play the game together at once. The material used for the cards is top notch so you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear. It is safe to use for children aged 7 and above and does not take up any time to assemble as the game is ready to play.
Go through the roller coaster ride of UNO as one player manages to lose all their cards to seal the deal.

Enjoy the classic Chinese tile game now in the form of cards!

Take the pack of 156 Mahjong playing cards and test your strategy skills with your friends and family. The game is based on the Qing Dynasty Chinese tile game that includes 3 suites of 36 circles, bamboos and characters. There are also 16 winds, 12 dragons, 8 flowers and seasons, and 12 jokers in the pack. It might seem overwhelming, but once learnt, this game is surely going to be your favourite! It will test your focus, your patience, and your strategy skills to the T. Get one now!

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