Best car wiper detergent to keep your windscreen spotless

FP Studio December 30, 2020 11:37:12 IST
Best car wiper detergent to keep your windscreen spotless

Hassle-free glass cleaning
Specially formulated for all types of cars with a windshield sprayer, this detergent makes cleaning your car's windshield effortless. As it comes in tablet form, it doesn't take up much storage space in your vehicle or garage. Each effervescent tablet quickly dissolves in water, and you can create up to 40 litres of glass cleaner with this pack of ten tablets. We appreciate the low foaming formula that makes it easy to rinse and doesn't leave behind a residue. Free from harmful chemicals, you can safely use this detergent as a cleaner around the home.
For a multi-purpose glass gleaner that's easy and safe to use, you can't go wrong buying this one.

For spotless, streak-free windshields
Thanks to a potent formula this liquid dissolves dirt quickly. While giving you crystal clear visibility, it also helps eliminate mineral buildup and opens up blocked washer nozzles. Apart from giving you a squeaky clean windshield, the lubricants in the formula leave a fine coating on the glass that avoids scratches and squeaking due to wiper movement. Ideal for use in extreme cold, it also has anti-freeze properties that prevent your water tank from freezing up. You won't need to frequently buy refills as you'll only need 100ml of this fantastic liquid per washer tank of water.
If you're looking to upgrade your driving experience with better vision, this wiper detergent's for you.

Protects while it cleans
Designed to provide an excellent view while driving, using this windshield cleaning liquid helps you extend the life of your windscreen and wiper blades. While applying a protective coating on your windscreen, it effectively dissolves environmental grime, water stains, and bird droppings. This quick-acting cleaner gives you a noticeable improvement in clarity right from the first use. Thanks to its ammonia-free formula, you won't have to worry about it damaging your car's paint, rubber and plastic parts. For best results, dissolve the contents of one 250ml bottle in 2.5 L of water before filling the sprayer tank.
For an effective windshield cleaner that keeps your car's glasses well protected,choose this cleaning liquid.

Best economical windshield liquid for daily use
Featuring a powerful, but non-toxic formula, this cleaning liquid is excellent for eliminating tree sap, dust and grime from your car's windshield.
Being highly concentrated, you'll only need 5ml per wiper tank of water, so this 250ml bottle will last you for up to 50 refills. A feature that we appreciate is that the bottle comes with an inbuilt measure which makes sure that you always pour the right amount of cleaner. At a price tag that won't burn a hole in your pocket, you'll get several months of use from a single bottle.
If you're looking for an affordable way to keep your car's windshield clean, we highly recommend buying this product.

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