Best car cleaning kit

FP Studio December 23, 2020 03:24:49 IST
Best car cleaning kit

Microfibre cleaning cloth

This microfibre is perfect cleaning cloth for cleaning, polishing, and washing. It is an excellent absorber and cleans better than cotton cloth. Reusable and non-abrasive, this cloth is specially designed for cleaning pros who demand performance & durability. The cloth is made of super-fine microfibre material for easy cleaning of toughest grease, dirt, and spills on your car. The cloth sticks and traps the dirt in midst of the microfibers until they are soaked in water. It ensures that there are no residues, dust, and dirt left behind on the surface of your car. The cloth is lightweight and handy that requires a minimal amount of water and cleaning agents for cleaning your car exteriors. Get this cloth for your inner cleanliness freak

Spa treatment for your car

Cleaning car means giving it a luxurious soapy treatment. This shampoo is perfect just for the same. With its ultra-slick pH neutral formula, your vehicle is left without scratches and ugly water spots. Its dual agent works as both cleaning and shinning shampoo. This super thick car wash shampoo looks like honey, smells like peach fruit and foams luxurious. It creates humungous soap in just 5ml of the product. It cleans dirt and grime without harming the car surface. Give your car the deep cleaning that it truly requires.

Comes with a rubber grip

Deep cleaning requires a sturdy brush to scrub the surface. This contoured tire brush has non slip comfort grip for intense scrubbing. The protective rubber bumper provides a firm grip. The contoured designs fit the sidewall perfectly. You can clean all kinds of dirt on the rim with help of this brush. No need for extra maintenance as you can just rinse the brush and hang it dry. It is perfect for all kinds of vehicle wheel tire, rims, alloy, car floor, pedal, and car mat tile seam. With this brush, you can practically clean almost all vehicle parts. Get this brush if want cleaning done similar to a pro!

Cleans car spotless

Car cleaning kits are incomplete without a brush. This high-class soft microfiber is on the best car sponge available in the market. It cleans your car surface without leaving any silk. This brush comes with a retractable strap that fits your palm perfectly. You can efficiently remove dust and bug stains without damaging the brand new look of your car. This thick absorbent microfiber of this sponge holds all the soap and water which will help to restore your vehicle to its immaculate shine! After this brush cleaning, your car will look as good as new.

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