Best build-and-play toys for kids

FP Studio February 19, 2021 01:57:22 IST
Best build-and-play toys for kids

Great for beginners

From an internationally respected toy company, you won't have to doubt this construction set's quality. Putting together the 130-pieces, you can create a realistic farm tractor with moving parts. It comes with color-coded instructions that match the colored blocks, so even small children can easily build the model. A feature that kids will love is that when it's constructed, the gears fit together to spin the blades at the back of the harvester. Offering an excellent value for the price, it's easy to see why this set is so popular.
If you're looking for a build and play toy that's easy to construct, pick this one.

Wholesome fun for all ages

This large set contains 96 magnetic tiles in different shapes and colors. While playing with these versatile tiles can be a bonding experience for you and your kids, it also encourages social development and helps teach the importance of teamwork. Each piece has magnets inbuilt into its sides and effortlessly attaches to others. Much like building a puzzle, creating art with this set challenges young minds to think for themselves and express their creativity through 3-D creations. It comes with a handy idea booklet that offers examples of models that your child can construct.
For a multipurpose toy that never goes out of style, we recommend buying this one.

For budding engineers

Nothing compares to the joy of building something on your own, and this set is an excellent purchase for creative kids with a passion for learning. Its benefits include developing your child's motor skills, building curiosity, and stimulating their imagination while playing. Cut from natural wood, the package contains two sets of materials with all parts needed to construct a working catapult and a ball shooter. Inside the box, you'll find detailed construction images, balls for the shooter, and rubber bands. While building won't take up too much time, the constructed toys make for endless fun.
If you're looking for a toy that helps your child learn while they play, you should consider buying this one.

Three in one fighter model set

This construction set helps you to unleash your kid's creativity and imagination through building blocks. While entertaining for all ages, this set is especially beneficial to help children develop better hand-eye coordination. This set includes 177 blocks that come together to create a helicopter, warship, or fighter jet. We found that while the reasonably large blocks are easy for small hands to grasp and put together, they can keep little ones entertained for hours in the end. Crafted from 100% non-toxic materials, this set can give you peace of mind when it comes to your child's safety. If you're looking for a children's gift that's educational and entertaining, this one ticks all the right boxes.

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