Best budget knife sets for your kitchen

FP Studio September 17, 2020 19:33:37 IST
Best budget knife sets for your kitchen

Good for Indian kitchens
The Bluecorp ENTERPRISE Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives Set consists of four knives: a standard kitchen knife, a vegetable knife, a paring knife and a serrated one. These knives are a must have for every kitchen. You can do everything with them from removing the seeds of a capsicum to deveining shrimp, to chopping herbs or mincing meat. No culinary task is beyond them. They have a great ergonomic grip that leads to stress-free cutting. The hollow ground edges on the knives make it easy to cut through meat, fruits, and vegetables with equal ease. Great budget buy for kitchens that experiment with food.

Good for meat
The Silver Shark Knife Set is great for cutting meats. The cleaver, the chopping knife and the chef’s knives all add up to a very good set. Cutting meat is an art in itself. The right knife can help you get the best cuts possible and you can’t use any random knife for it. The knife has to be very sharp and has to be able to make precise cuts. Some chefs prefer heavier knives to cut meat while some want light ones so they can customize the cuts according to their preferences. This set is for the latter kind of cook.

Good for daily use
The Zosoe Wood Kitchen Knife Set is perfect for families who want value for money. This knife set comes with a scissor a d wooden block to put your tools into after you are done working with them. This set includes 1 chef knife, 1 boning knife, 1 utility knife, 1 pairing knife and a scissors and Wooden Stand. It is extremely suitable for daily kitchen use. The design is ergonomic and it is made out of stainless steel with black handles. This can be used for chopping vegetables and basic meats. The high-quality serrations in these knives ensure extra sharpness for your chopping, dicing and slicing needs.

Knives that are always sharp
The Familia KS-7 Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set lives up to its name. It has seven members in its ‘family’. It consists of a chef knife, a chopper, a steak knife, a paring knife, a ceramic peeler, scissors and a sharpener. The set is made out of high grade cold-rolled stainless steel that increases its durability. These knives have precision edges that serves all your cutting, slicing and dicing needs in your kitchen. Meats, fruits or veggies, these knives go through them with ease. The knife sharpener means that if you use your knives well and sharpen them regularly, you will need to buy another set again. Perfect for the value buyer.

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