Best booties for babies

FP Studio October 23, 2020 19:03:10 IST
Best booties for babies

A dressing upgrade

You can elevate your little one’s dressing style with this classy pair of booties. Featuring a contemporary refined design with exceptional comfort, this pair is perfect to give your quintessential baby dressing an upgrade. The sole of the booties are made of a good fabric with a slip-on closure. Their toe to heel length is about 12cm. The cotton booties are available for children up to 12 months. The soft booties will keep your baby’s feet safe and warm at the same time. With a lovely and charming design, they are sure to make your baby look cuter and provide the best comfort

In attractive colours

These are cotton baby booties for your little champ (for age group 0 to 6 months). These booties are soft and comfortable while having an attractive colour and design. These slip-on booties will help in keeping babies feet safe, warm and protected in every way. The booties have a cute bunny design which makes your little one look just adorable. They are available in red and black colours with a slip-on closure. They stretch well above the ankle to keep the baby’s feet cozy. These adorable booties are for parents who want options at a very reasonable and pocket-friendly price.

All day wear

Made from superior quality material it gives your baby a nice feeling while walking and allows you to keep it on all day long. These booties are very easy to wear as they have a convenient slip on design so you can put them on in no time and be ready to go. The sole of the booties is made of fabric material with beautiful polka dots on to top. It also has a lining of fur to keep the little one’s feet cozy and the body warmed up. The booties are available in different shades of colours like red, navy blue, sky blue and pink. These are the ideal pair if you are looking for quality booties for your young one.

Cutest of them all

This set of baby booties available in pairing of 2, 4 or 6. They have gorgeous cartoon characters designed on the top. The booties not only keep your baby warm and comfortable but also make him/her look adorable wearing these bright and cute booties. They have adorable characters like bunny, kitty, sunflower and honeybees on top of the booties which are perfectly colour-synced with the rest of the booties. They will surely make your baby stand out among a crowd. If you are looking for cartoon-styled, funky designed booties, this is the ideal choice for you.

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