Best body washes under Rs 200

FP Studio September 16, 2020 22:32:48 IST
Best body washes under Rs 200

Works best for normal skin

This body wash has mild and gentle formula making it perfect for normal skin type. It consists of exfoliating beads that helps you wash away the dirt on your skin and exfoliates it thus removing the layer of dead skin cells. Dove Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash has nutrium moisture technology that gives natural nutrients to your skin. It goes deep in the surface layer of the skin and nourishes and cleanse it while maintaining your skin’s moisture and not stripping your skin off the natural oil and moisture to keep it soft, smooth and supple.

Loaded with antioxidants
Rejuvenate yourself after every shower with NIVEA Shower Gel, Power Fruit Fresh Body Wash. It pampers your skin with antioxidants in a silky soft foam and stimulates your senses with the exotic fragrance of blueberry that will make you feel fresh all day long. It leaves your skin moisturized after a towel drying post taking shower thus working dual roles - as cleanser and as a moisturizer . It is suitable for all skin types and is dermatologically proven. It has a maximum shelf life of 30 months.

Relax tensed muscles with essential oils

Do you have a stressful schedule everyday and look forward to a good bath to calm down your muscles? Have a nature inspired absolute relaxing shower every time with Palmolive Body Wash Aroma Absolute Relax. It is infused with a perfect blend of 100% natural Ylang Ylang essential oil and Iris extracts that relaxes your tensed body muscles and soothes your skin making it feel soft. It has a pleasing fragrance that rejuvenates your sense making you feel fresh.

Goodness of coconut water and honey

The goodness of natural ingredients are always best. This body wash contains 100% natural coconut water that is rich in vitamins and minerals which hydrates your skin and honey that has properties which soothes, softens and nourishes your skin making it perfect for sensitive skin type. Pears Naturale Nourishing Coconut Water Bodywash has 100 percent soap free formula and contains 98% pure glycerin that gently cleanses your skin, moisturizes it and leaves it visibly smoother and glowing after every wash. A small amount gives a good lather and foam along with a sweet fragrance of coconut water. It is dermatologically tested and is paraben free. Keeping the environment in consideration it comes in a recyclable bottle.

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