Best body sprays for women under Rs 200

FP Studio August 17, 2020 23:18:44 IST
Best body sprays for women under Rs 200

For the ones who love floral fragrance

Secret Temptation Romance Body Spray comes with a top note of orange blossom, peach and apricot with a base of wood, patchouli and vanilla. It gives out a floral fragrance that is really strong and stays for a long time. It's perfect for the young woman or for the young-at-heart. Goes well with a bubbly personality or if you are in the mood for a fun time. It is suitable for all skin types.If you like floral notes, this one is a must have for you.

Vanilla splash

If you are one of the females who is searching for a fragrance that lies between the floral and spicy, this one's for you. It has whole and sole vanilla fragrance giving a bold and passionate essence to your personality. Layer's Wottagirl Vanilla Twist Body Spray stays around for 3-4 hours and leaves you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day. It is perfect for everyday use.

Floral fragrance with citrus zest

This body spray comes with a top note of lemon, mid note is of roses and the base note of muguet has a sweet aroma. It gives out a soft nature personality. If you love floral fragrance with a tint of citrus in it, The Enchanteur Charming fragrance one is made for you.

Lifts up your dull mood

Yardley English Lavender Body Spray comes with lavender and rosemary with cedar and geranium. This body spray energizes and rejuvenates you keeping the odour at bay and gives you a refreshing feeling. Yardley is one of the oldest and well known players in the fragrance space. It is long lasting and uplifts your mood and helps you to carry out your daily activities with vigour. If you are a lavender lover, this body spray is the one for you.

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