Best body sprays for men under Rs 250

FP Studio September 25, 2020 04:18:12 IST
Best body sprays for men under Rs 250

Soothes down your sense into serenity

This body spray opens with a top note of citric amber fades out to leathery earthy fragrance and ends on a dry wooden base note that relaxes your senses with its serene calmness. It put you into the sense of ease and elegance. It is perfect to start your day. It has antibacterial properties to keep odour at bay. It portrays a calm demor. If you love calming notes in your body spray Park Avenue Tranquil Stay Calm Fragrance Body Spray is the one for you.

Spicy notes perfect for professional environment

Yardley London Gentleman Classic Deo Body Spray opens with a spicy blend of black pepper and cardamom with a tint of citrus and ends on a woody essence of sandalwood, musk and amber along with a sweet hint of white chocolate. It is a subtle blend of rich fragrances giving out a novel masculine aroma with a warm woody base that lingers around you giving out authority and confidence making it perfect for a professional and corporate environment.

Rugged and confident woody base for sports persons
Adidas Pure Game Deodorant Body Spray For Men, opens with a surprising blend of grapefruit and mandarin, fade into basil and pepper finally ending on cypress and patchouli. It is an intense bold and woody fragrance, giving a rugged, relaxing yet empowered and confident aura around, making it perfect for sports players to make their presence and vibe pass on the ground amongst other players.If you are a sports player you will definitely love this body spray.

Smooth Irresistible Chocolate

Axe Dark Temptation Long Lasting Deodorant Bodyspray, has notes of amber and peppercorn added to the chocolate base making it sweet and spicy, making it perfect for youngsters and party and clubbing atmosphere. It has an instant cooling property that lowers your body temperature by 6 degrees instantly. It is safe on skin and easy on the fragrance. A perfect combo for your night out.

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