Best Boating Accessories For All Day Trips

FP Studio December 14, 2020 20:08:08 IST
Best Boating Accessories For All Day Trips

The NGX Technology Waterproof pouch with waist starp is ideal for taking on – kayaking trips, to the beach, for surfing, fishing, boating as well as any other outdoor sports. You can use this colour transparent pouch to store your mobile phone, ID card, camera, watch, wallet, credit cards as well as keys and latch it to your waist, so that it doesn’t get misplaced, since all the items being kept inside are equally important. Also, since it’s waterproof, there is no chance of your documents or items getting damaged aswell.

Portable bucket
The Okayji 9 litre Portable Foldaway Water Bucket suitable for camping, fishing and boating is made of PVC coated Oxford cloth, which is quite durable and water resistant, which is why it can not just adjust to severe wear and tear, but will also help to serve its purpose of a water bucket. Its bottoms and rims are made up of plastic and it has a steel handle. ket. Its bottoms and rims are made up of plastic and it has a steel handle. It can easily be substituted as an ice bucket or simply as a carry basket for essentials.

Ocean sack
The SHOPO PVC Waterproof Dry 20 litre Ocean Pack Sack is a boating and camping beach bag. It is a big and spacious bag where you can easily store all your small yet important items such as keys, cash, watch, tissues, etc, with absolute ease. The dimensions of this bag are – 36 x 52 cm. It is available in a variety of colours, such as – green, purple, pink, red, orange and blue – but they will be sending you a colour at random. This 20 litre bag is enough to carry all your essentials when out on a boating trip!

Fishing hat
The ELECTOMANIA Fishing Hat with a 360-degree UV protection works as a sun hat and can be worn by both men and women. This cap comes with a folding removable neck and also has a head flap cover, making it ideal for beach and boating activites. It comes in the colour grey and is to be hand washed only, when looking to clean it. It is both detachable and adjustable, making it really easy to use and since its unisex, everyone can wear it!

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