Best board games for all ages

FP Studio November 10, 2020 18:30:55 IST
Best board games for all ages

Get initiated into a magical world

When you picture a Dungeons & Dragons game, you probably have a particular aesthetic in mind. And no matter how you imagine it, this classic sword and sorcery game allows you to live vicariously through characters, enjoy many beautiful adventures and keep you entertained through it all. This starter kit is perfect for 1-5 players, includes a rule book, character sheets and one exhilarating adventure. With enough to keep everyone on their toes, this board game features a challenging quest, and requires cooperative gameplay to ace it and come out victorious. Buy this if you are interested in getting into a world of searches, plenty of role play and hours of fun.

For those who have always wanted to play detective

One of the most iconic games from the 80s, this game is great to spend some quality time with loved ones and friends. Try your hand at some in-depth strategy and critical thinking as you take on challenges as Cops or the sinister Mister X. Made of high-quality materials, this board is beautifully made and graphically detailed. Dodge, race, corner, chase and more as you move across London taking taxis, buses and subways. A fantastic family game, buy this as a gift for large families or for the holidays to keep the kids entertained.

An all-time favourite for all ages

A super simple game to understand and play; this one is perfect for those who love performing under pressure. Watch as players are forced to get creative and end up saying the funniest things to describe words as they compete for who guesses the most number of correct words before the timer runs out. Built for 4+ players, we’ve had enough fun playing this one all evening even without keeping score and with fewer players too. Buy this one if you love party games and are up for an exciting challenge.

For those who love word games

People who love words and building their vocabulary will love this classic game that’s close to 80 years old and still as much fun today. Beautifully made, lightweight and easy to understand, this game gets your brain working. Make the best word you can using any of your seven letter tiles drawn at random. Get more points by trying to position your words on bonus premium squares like a double/triple letter or word spaces. Besides a great vocabulary, this game requires the presence of mind, strategy skills and the ability to think creatively about making the most with what you have. If you want to stretch your child’s vocabulary, this is the perfect fun way to do it.

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