Best blankets for babies

FP Studio October 09, 2020 09:37:16 IST
Best blankets for babies

Babysitting with care

Using this blanket, you can keep your baby warm and cosy with the hooded wrapper. It is made from soft fabric which will always protect the skin of your baby. Not only this, you can also use this after a hot shower for the child as it can easily absorb the water and work as a towel too. Wrap the hood around the kid’s head and it can easily absorb the water from the hair as well. Why you should go for this product? Multi-functionality is the real draw here.

Very easy to wash

This one is made with a very soft material and is an attractive blanket-cum-sleeping bag and it is great for both the purposes. This blanket is big enough for the baby to be covered well. At the same time, it is not too big and can be easily rolled up and carried around when you are travelling. It is also not too difficult to wash on a frequent basis. This one is a pink blanket but there are many other beautiful colours available such as red, white and blue. The blankets are shaped in the forms of cats, pandas, bears and many cartoon characters. For those who want a kid’s blanket in the form of a sleeping bag, this is a great choice.

In appealing colours

This blanket is made of velvet which gives a cozy and warm feeling. The baby will feel safe and secure as soon as he or she is wrapped in this one. This blanket can immediately calm the baby and comfort them. It can be used for a different number of purposes – be it as a blanket, wrapper or shawl. This blanket is available in an appealing red and pink combination. Both the sides of the blanket can be used as it is reversible. If comfort is what you seek, opt for this baby blanket.

Perfect as a gift

This blue blanket measures 70 x 95 cm. It is a soft plush baby blanket and it feels really nice against the skin and hence it feels perfect to put over your baby when it's time for bed. It brings a comfortable sleeping temperature to your child that is suitable for all seasons. The soft, smooth surface fabric is durable and breathable assuring the best of quality. There are no zippers, velcro or snaps in this product which makes it the safest to be used for little kids. This smooth baby blanket is a great gift item too and a superb way to say that you care. But this one if you need a baby blanket to tick all the boxes.

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