Best beds for your pet cat

FP Studio September 17, 2020 01:42:33 IST
Best beds for your pet cat

Heart-shaped house
This cardboard scratch house should be an instant favourite of your cat. It features a hanging mouse toy and a scratch pad that is removable. Sprinkle some catnip on the pad and your cat will love it inside. This will quickly become your cat's favourite place to sleep and play. This heart shaped house is made of corrugated paper litter. It has a height of about 3 feet, making it comfortable for your cat to get in and out. Go for this cat bed if you want a cat house with a scratch board.

Saves space
This durable bed is a warm and windproof cat nest. It has a foldable system for portability, storage and travel. This cat nest has a metal zipper and it is easy to remove and wash. Cats naturally like to hide in a covered space, so this sleeping egg nest is an ideal choice while saving you extra space. It is available in a lovely shade of blue. There are vents in this cat nest so that there is enough air circulation for the pet to feel comfortable. You can use this nest without the upper part too just as a cat bed. Need an exclusive private space for your cat? This all-rounder product is great for you.

Provides excellent insulation
The velvety material of this cat house provides excellent insulation and is soft to the touch, making this an ideal bed for cats to lounge. It is red in colour but there are other options too such as pink and grey. It can function both as a frustum bed or you can press the top down to make a cozy cat sofa. The surface is made of premium soft fibre, while the removable cushion is made of polyester. The inside is filled with high elastic cotton that is warm, soft and durable. This is a cat bed meant for those who seek an affordable product.

Cave bed for cats
This is a cute looking pet bed combining both style as well as comfort for your cat. The ultra-soft sleeping surface gives them a safe spot to take their nap without any worries. Cats will love this cat bed because they always have a liking for a hiding spot. It has a big opening for easy entry and exit. The upper part of this grey and red colour product is made of deluxe faux suede. Besides being an amazing sleeping experience for your pet, it is easy to care and wash. Go for this cat bed if you want a soft and comfortable cat bed in the shape of a cave.

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