Best beard washes for men

FP Studio September 17, 2020 19:22:05 IST
Best beard washes for men

Good texture
The Himalaya Face and Beard Wash cleanses face & beard by removing sweat and dirt, and relieves beard skin itchiness. It also softens and conditions your beard. The beard wash contains coconut water and aloe vera that add to the natural power of the wash. The wash has a unique fragrance that re-energizes you, and the free-flowing texture enables you to easily spread the wash across your beard for an effortless cleanse. It gives you a cool after-wash feeling and keeps your beard soft and itch free. Great for people who sweat a lot.

Nourishes hair
The Beardo Irish Royale Beard Wash is perfect for the outdoors man. When you stay out a lot, your skin gets dry and irritable. It also becomes very itchy and your facial hair gets dehydrated, becoming limp. This beard wash has clove and nutmeg that help enrich and nourish the growth of new hair follicles. This helps protect your facial hair and also prevents pre-mature graying. The lime in the beard wash cleanses your beard and ensures that you feel great all day long as it moisturizes your beard and removes dirt from it.

Untangles hair
The Real Man Beard Wash and Conditioner is specially created for Indian conditions where the dry heat causes your facial skin to crackle, and causes you bear hair which is thicker than scalp hair to tangle more frequently. The product has extracts of aloe vera, Tulsi, neem leaf and licorice that give your hair a good cleaning but keep intact the natural oil properties of your beard. This ensures that your beard is always hydrated and doesn’t droop. This beard wash and conditioner will give you a sparkling beard that will keep your confidence levels high and cause every eye in the room to admire your beard. Perfect for long-bearded men who attend a lot of cocktail parties.

No split ends
The Man Company’s Beard Wash is designed to clear the impurities and build-up in your beard without causing lasting damage. This is great for people who like to maintain and sport long beards. The almond and thyme in the product have a relaxing effect on your body, and promote thick, strong and shiny beard growth. The argan oil in it prevents drying of hair and also prevents split ends. Anyone who has a long beard knows how important it is to keep hair and hair roots clean. This beard wash does the job for you!

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