Best bathing soaps for your family

FP Studio October 09, 2020 16:58:23 IST
Best bathing soaps for your family

Pure glycerine soap

This soap bar combines the signature mild formula of 98% pure glycerine with the refreshing scent of mint that cools and revitalizes your senses. It’s the perfect solution to keep your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized so that you can get a fresh glow. It is a traditionally crafted soap that leaves out the impurities and gives you the purest bathing bar. Its unique formula maintains your skin’s moisture and hydration, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and glowing. It also washes away germs. This bar is gentle enough to be used not only for the body but also as a facial cleanser and handwash. Ideal choice to keep your skin moisturized and glowing.

Infused with sandal

It is made with natural ingredients and with minimal chemicals. This new range is free from parabens, harsh chemical residues, artificial dyes, and talc. It has fragrance infused with 100% natural sandal essence. It gives 10 times better protection than any ordinary soap and is gentle on the skin. Reassuringly, it protects from a wide range of illness-causing germs and bacteria to help you stay healthy. The soap is designed to ensure that you get the best of protection in a natural way.

With a floral scent

Sandal and turmeric have been a part of Indian skincare for centuries. This soap combines both of them to give you smooth and soft skin, with youthful radiance.

Sandalwood removes blemishes and smoothens skin while turmeric has antiseptic properties that help protect the skin, giving it a youthful glow. The soap has a floral scent and is suitable for all skin types so that you can apply it to both your body and face. But this soap to make your skin smooth and glowing.

Helps to replenish nutrients

This beauty bar combines a gentle cleansing formula with ¼ moisturizing cream to give you softer, smoother and more glowing skin. The mild cleansers help your skin to retain its natural moisture rather than stripping it away. The bathing bar even helps to replenish nutrients that are lost during the cleansing process. A regular soap bar might leave your skin feeling dry and tight, this one leaves it feeling soft and smooth. It’s not a soap – it’s a beauty bar. This is exactly what your skin needs if you are looking for a soap that does well in all parameters.

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