Best baggage for easy travel

FP Studio October 16, 2020 16:40:11 IST
Best baggage for easy travel

Fully lined interior

This hardside spinner luggage makes a great option for checked luggage when looking for a smaller, lighter option. It works great for three to five-day trips, offering enough packing space to hold two or three changes of clothes, a toiletry kit, and a couple pairs of shoes. Fully lined, the luggage protects stored items from scratches and snags, while its handy divider helps keep everything neatly organized and easily accessible. The bag features a protective hard shell for strength and peace of mind when it comes to knowing stored items won't be damaged en route. The hard shell's durable scratch-resistant finish offers added strength, helping to keep the luggage looking like new even after rough and tumble travel conditions. Great buy for those who need long-lasting luggage.

Anti-theft zip

It has the classic minimalist design approach in luggage while using modern technology to ensure the bag is lighter than ever before. Clean clear lines juxtaposed with quirky colours in its design makes it stand out. This bag provides extra features that frequent travellers or overpackers will appreciate. Unzip the expander and get up to 25% more space to pack in. It comes with an anti-theft, double coil zip that tamper-proofs your bag. The double coil zipper offers double security as the luggage cannot be opened easily. For those frequently travellers, this is a great lightweight baggage.

With number lock

This is a small and cabin size bag with an external height of 55cm. The outer material is textured with a micro-diamond finish for scratch-resistance and reduced abrasion visibility. The durable blend of polycarbonate and 100 percent virgin hard case outer material is designed to absorb impact under stress and 'Flex' back into its original shape. It comes with premium Polycarbonate, adjustable straps and a stainless steel trolley. Additionally it also has a numbered lock for safety and security. The total capacity of this bag is 28 litres. This is a good option for buyers who need luggage at a reasonable price.

Water resistant

The bag is made of polycarbonate with a 32litre capacity and weight of 2.8kgs. It comes with a fixed combination lock and has a 360-degree wheeling system as well. The fully-lined interiors have criss-cross elastic straps and a large zipper divider to help you pack better and in a more organized manner. The bag is also water resistant, so if you need not worry about spillage. For a compact cabin bag, this is an obvious choice.

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