Best baby shampoos for everyday use

FP Studio October 13, 2020 14:21:54 IST
Best baby shampoos for everyday use

Hair nourishment

This baby shampoo is a mix of marine plant extracts and wheat protein infused with the power of herbs such as chickpea, paddy, hibiscus and khus grass. The protein-rich formula in this baby shampoo ensures strong and healthy hair. While chickpea has anti-dandruff properties hibiscus, paddy nourishes the hair and softens it. The khus grass keeps the baby’s scalp dry and cool making bath time a happy and enjoyable experience for your child. If you are looking for a shampoo that includes goodness of herbs, this is your product.

The best of ingredients

This product includes the goodness of four essential plant based elements that promotes healthy hair and keeps your baby’s scalp healthy. The prime contents of this product are coconut oil, jojoba oil calendula extracts and aloe vera extracts. The coconut oil reduces chances of developing irritation or inflammation of the scalp and prevents the skin from drying while jojoba oil provides necessary minerals such as Vitamin E and B-complex, zinc, copper, selenium chromium and iodine that nourishes the scalp. Aloe vera extracts moisturises the scalp skin and calendula extracts ensures healthy hair. The plant based components in this shampoo makes it one of its kind, making it a prominent choice for your baby’s scalp.

Bath time means only giggles

This product has been a well-known name when it comes to baby products. It has a no tear formula therefore is gentle to the eyes of your baby, making bath time a fun experience for both. The bottle is equipped with a pump making it easy to use. This baby shampoo is hypoallergenic and is parabens sulphate free. Looking for a tear-free bathing experience for your baby? This is the shampoo to go for.

Mild and foam free

Want soft and fragrant hair on your baby’s scalp? This baby shampoo is not only mild but is also free of foam. It lathers well on your child’s oily hair leaving it soft and shiny. A few drops of this shampoo can leave you content with the results you see. After a bath with this baby shampoo, it leaves your child feeling fresh. The grapefruit extracts in this shampoo leaves the hair soft lustrous and fragrant. The perfect choice for those who seek the softest hair for the child.

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