Best automatic washing machines on a budget

FP Studio September 25, 2020 05:04:05 IST
Best automatic washing machines on a budget

The Ultimate workhorse

With a tremendous 6.2 kg capacity, this LG Washing machine is perfect for houses with regular, substantial laundry needs. Its large, stainless steel drum fits bulky bedsheets, thick towels, and even comforters easily. We were fairly impressed by the turbo drum, waterfall circulation and multi-water flow system that work quietly and gently to give you the most hygienic wash ever. Child lock features keep it safe from naughty little hands, and you have app support for any small problem that comes up over the years.
If you're looking for a dependable machine that can handle everything from jeans to baby clothes, this one is a great pick.

For daily use, automatic cleaning

With plenty of glowing reviews and a ton of happy customers, this model offers all the convenience and features of high-end top loaders at a much smaller price point. First things first, this is a high-efficiency model with a new LED display, a savvy magic filter and a diamond drum for better cleaning. We thought the user-friendly controls and intuitive LED makes it easy for anyone, including the elderly and housekeepers, to use without a problem. The durable tempered glass top lets you get a quick peek at what's going on inside while functions like Normal+monsoon gives you close to 90% dry clothes even in the rainy season.
If you're looking for an automatic machine that lets you tip in your clothes, some detergent and then forget about it until done, we recommend you get this one.

Full throttle cleaning power

If you have a large household with an always overflowing laundry basket, you'll love this 6.2 kg Hair machine. With a large drum, you can accommodate more bulky items and cut down on the number of loads you do every day. But besides saving, water, time and energy, this model boasts of 8 wash programs and fuzzy logic that automatically senses the wash parameters and adjusts the settings accordingly. Thanks to its Balance Clean pulsator and wave drum technology, we were more than satisfied with its washing performance as clothes that came out fresh and stain-free.
If you're looking for a machine that is quiet and efficient, go for this one.

Deep cleaning expert

Give clothes a deep clean, and gentle care with this 6.5 kg IFB top-load machine. With plenty of settings for all kinds of clothes, we particularly loved the 3D wash system that allows you to soak clothes thoroughly for an excellent wash. Besides, the pulsator wash function seems to loosen the toughest stains without damaging your clothes. Smart sense technology weighs the wash load and self adjusts to save on water, energy and detergent use over the long run. We wouldn't say this is the most silent machine we've used, but the built-in water energiser more than compensates for it.
If you're looking for a high level of cleaning at an economical price point, get this one now.

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