Best activity books for three-year-olds

FP Studio November 10, 2020 18:09:40 IST
Best activity books for three-year-olds

Make learning fun again

Part of a series of five books that contain short mental exercises, this book is perfect for getting children to think about what they are doing, make logical connections and come to conclusions on their own. Short fun activities make sure the task is fun and not tedious while the child-centric themes help them explore different topics in a fun, exciting way. Use this book to encourage your child and boost their confidence.

Colour and learn as you go

With more than 100+ pages of mazes, dot-to-dot puzzles, word games and more, this book is the perfect companion on a long road trip, holiday, or even to spend quality time with your kids. Encourage the use of colours, build fine motor skills and above all, watch your kids enjoy themselves thoroughly. Great as a party return gift or as a birthday gift, this book is excellent from ages 3-5 years old. Buy this to help your child familiarise themselves with basic learning concepts and improve their fine motor skills.

Build observation and concentration skills

From all the maze books out there, we loved this one for three-year-olds and up. It has several pages and bright coloured pictures for your child to work on. Each page features a new illustration, and every maze will only help to improve your child's concentration and observation skills. Highly recommended by educators and parents alike if you are looking for a unique gift for a 3-year-old, you can't go wrong with this one.

Peppa Pig Wipe-Clean book

Based on the Peppa Pig that's super popular with younger kids, this book can help your child learn about many life skills like getting dressed, feeding the ducks and more. The games and puzzles, along with the activities in the book, keep the child engaged for hours without worrying about getting bored. Making mistakes is an integral part of learning, and thanks to the wipe and erase nature of the book, children can feel free to practise until they are confident of the movements and strokes. Pick this book if you're looking for a text full of creative options that will help develop your child's mind.

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