Best acrylic kit for fun-filled colouring

FP Studio November 03, 2020 00:22:52 IST
Best  acrylic kit for fun-filled colouring

Sturdy storage box

This pack of 10 assorted ultra-shades are specially developed for hobby painting. The colours are permanent on absorbent surfaces like bed cover, table cloth, among others. It is suitable for canvas, wood, earthenware and paper. The colour bottles come with a plastic, sturdy and good quality box that makes it easy and safe to store. The colours are highly pigmented and have a good coverage on all surfaces. Open the cap of glass bottles and dip in the brush to start paining, the colours are hassle free and ready to use. Buy this pack of colours if you need a value for money product.

Water resistant

Available in more than 30 colours, this deep brilliant purple acrylic bottle will ensure you are not running out of your colour anytime soon. Get your bottle to mix and match or experiment with a single colour. The colours are crafted in a way that it dries quickly and becomes dense and looks bright once completely dry. These colours are colour fast, non-toxic. This big colour bottle can be used on any surface with ease. The colour kit can be mixed with water to get the desired consistency and flow, but once dry they become water-resistant. Use this colour on metal, stone, leather, glass or any surface to get fresh and vibrant designs. For quick drying acrylic colours, this is a safe bet.

User friendly pack

Each pack comes with a set of 3 fluid paints, an apron to not spoil your clothes and a canvas for hassle free painting. Fluid paint includes aqua, sunset and monochrome colours. This kit has carefully picked colour combinations for best finished results. The pack is ideal for gifting and for personal use. The fluid paints are available in spill-proof squeeze bottles and can be capped for long lasting colouring experience. Like colouring but are worried about splashing and spilling the colours all around, then go for this convenient pack.

Variety, textured effect

This set of 24 premium acrylic colours are sure to give you a variety of colouring experience. Create a textured effect, brush marks and palette knife impressions with these beautiful colours. Available in black tubes, these colours can be used on all conventional art surfaces to a variety of surfaces like paper, canvas, wood and earthenware. The colours are formulated to give bright clean colours when used in full tone. All colours are intermixable and give endless possibilities. If you are looking for a variety full of attractive colours that can be used in all surfaces, then your search ends here.

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