Best 20L Microwave Ovens

FP Studio November 17, 2020 14:25:58 IST
Best 20L Microwave Ovens

Durable, efficient heating

Using innovative technology, this product helps you heat and cook your food evenly every time. A key feature of this product is the energy-saving mode that allows you to reduce the standby power usage with the touch of a button. If you have small children in your home, you will appreciate the child lock feature that helps prevent accidents. While the well-designed touch buttons and jog dials allow you to set the desired mode quickly, the antibacterial, ceramic enamel cavity helps you keep the interiors clean.
If you’re looking for a reliable microwave that helps you minimise electricity wastage, this one’s for you.

Rave-worthy features with a small price tag

Whether reheating, defrosting or cooking, with 800 watts of high power, this microwave lets you get delicious results fast. The ‘Auto Cook Menu’ feature comes with a variety of preset recipes, cooking times and temperatures that allow you to surprise your loved ones by preparing chef-like cuisines with minimum effort. Maintaining good food hygiene is easy thanks to the ‘Vapor Clean’ feature that helps you to get sparkly clean interiors and get rid of odours with the simple press of a button.
For a feature-packed microwave that’s totally worth the cost, this affordable product gets our vote.

Perfect for small families

This sleek and elegant microwave makes for a perfect addition to small kitchens. The touch keypad is sensitive to touch, easy to keep clean and features quick-start buttons that allow you to reheat your food fast. A feature that we really appreciate is the ‘Keep Warm Mode’ that allows you to keep heated food at the right temperature for up to 90 minutes. The preset cooking menu allows you to have peace of mind while offering you options to easily prepare up to 44 delicious dishes that your family will surely love.
Feature-packed and well designed, you can’t go wrong buying this product.

Best for senior citizens

People of all ages will have no trouble using this product as it features two simple dials that allow you to select the power and time. The spacious interior and large turntable let you fit big plates and dishes inside easily. Cooking in this microwave is simple and only requires you to adjust the power settings for optimum heating as your dish requires. The 30-minute timer function is an excellent feature that can help prevent mishaps like over or under-cooking.
If you’re an elderly adult or looking to buy a fuss-free microwave for your elderly parents, this product is a great buy.

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