Beautiful wall clocks that ensure you are always on time

FP Studio August 17, 2020 12:53:00 IST
Beautiful wall clocks that ensure you are always on time

A classic brown and golden look

A classic ship steering alike designed wall clock with pendulum that would add to the decor of your house. If you are someone who is seeking a high quality and stunning wall clock for your home, then this is an ideal pick for you. Click n Ship Pendulum Wall Clock is a classic styled analog wall clock made from premium plastic, is brown in colour and has a golden disc pendulum which compliments the clock’s brown body very beautifully.

The contrasting black, golden and white designed

Enhance the walls of your place with this artistic designed wall clock. It is composed of high grade ABS plastic materials and a transparent glass face. It's fine material quality makes it long lasting and one of a kind. IIK COLLECTION Analogue Round Plastic Wall Clock has a beautiful black and golden design as background with white and golden bold numerals that stand out against the black background making it very easy to read and check the time.The white needles of the clock are designed to precisely point without creating any confusion. If you are looking for wall clocks for your living room, this is a a perfect buy for you.

Enjoy a quiet environment

If you are looking out for a living room wall clock which can also work as a decor item, this product is for you. This wall clock is a 3D effect frameless wall clock which gives your walls a non cluttered look. It is a peacock wall clock with the mesmerizing feathers of the peacock replicated in this clock to add a tint of luxury to it. SIBY Metal Home Decor Peacock Wall Clock European Style Luxury Living Room Clock comes with a silent non-ticking mechanism with sweeping moments, so that you can enjoy a silent environment. It is one piece and easy to install and remove without shifting its engine even in the long run.

Funny animated and bold numerals

This clock has a dial size of 12 inches in diameter and has a black body made of plastic with a glass face. It has a big and clear representation of numbers which makes it easy to check time from distance. The numerals are in a funky animated manner that kids love. Solimo 12-inch Kids' Wall Clock has the seconds hand that glides smoothly making no sound and not disturbing you while ticking away the time and has a battery of 1 AA.

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