Beautiful paints to encourage a budding artist

FP Studio January 20, 2021 01:16:47 IST
Beautiful paints to encourage a budding artist

With non-yellowing oils
These oil colours are reputed for purity, quality, and reliability. They contain the maximum pigment content providing you finest possible finish. The microscopically ground and combined with non-yellowing oils makes the paintings longer lasting without colour fade or yellowing the painting. A unique plasticizer in these colours gives a smooth, non-cracking film with brush or palette on canvas. So creativity flows from mind to paper flawlessly. They are available in 12 brilliant shades. Get these colours today to kickstart your child’s artistic aspirations!

Made from refined linseed oil
These artists' oil colours are made from refined linseed oil. The fine pigments in high concentration give your paintings a rich, brilliant, and permanent result. These colours are lightfast and have a smooth buttery consistency which can be used straight out of the tube. You can use them straight from the tube for a thick opaque visual. You can also thin them down to create glazes. They are inter-mixable and can be used with oil mediums, solvents, and varnishes on all conventional oil painting surfaces. Perfect for intermediate painters, you can get these colours in 18 colours.

Perfect for developing motor skills
These are ready to use paints in bright playful colours specially developed for a young audience. They are ideal for motor skill and sensory development in early childhood. Non-toxic and completely safe for children age 3 and above, these colours are ready to use and mess-free. They are even washable from most surfaces including hands, skin, and some fabrics. So no need to worry about colour stains all over the house. Unique vibrant colours give easy flow and great coverage. They dry to opaque finish and can be diluted with water for a transparent effect. Let your children’s creativity flourish!

Vibrant acrylic colours
Paint your world with these professional acrylic paint supply set. With a kaleidoscopic view of 24 different vibrant colors these colours come in vast range. From sunny Lemon Yellow to striking Cobalt Blue, the wide array of highly pigmented colors allow you to elevate your art to the next level. Forgot blotchy brush marks on your beautiful masterpiece. These water-based acrylic paints dry quickly for that polished finish, for your canvas to shine through with its richly pigmented colors. Does not matter if you are budding artist or a professional painter, these colours are perfect for your acrylic colour needs.

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