Beautiful Paints To Encourage a Budding Artist

FP Studio June 15, 2021 17:30:23 IST
Beautiful Paints To Encourage a Budding Artist

Fast drying oil colours
Camel’s Artist Oil Colour Box is budget-friendly and also makes a great choice if you need a huge volume of color. They are highly mixable. This set is a wonderful introduction to oil colors if you are switching from acrylics or watercolors. Their 12-tube set will provide you with a wide range of colors for most beginner-level artists. They dry quite fast as compared to other oil paints. Camel’s Artist Oil Colour Box is great for students or amateur artists.

High quality oil paints
Brusto Artist’s Oil Colours is known for its high-quality oil paints. These oil colors have rich pigments and excellent color strength for those who like creating colorful and bright art. The smooth buttery consistency makes these colors fun and easy to work with. They can be used straight out of the tube or thinned down. They provide good coverage and excellent durability. Made from refined linseed oil, these colors yield rich, brilliant, and permanent results. This set is perfect for people who would like to experiment with their art.

Bright playful colours
Faber-Castell Tempera paints are ready to use paints in bright playful colors. They are specially developed for an early age. Using ready-mix tempera colors is ideal for developing good motor skills and sensory development in early young children. They give young children a sense of achievement as they can be used in various ways allowing the child to explore their creative side. This paint set is great for adults as well as they are super easy to use.

Child-friendly colors
The best thing about this paint set is the variety of colors that it has. Another plus to this set is that it comes with 6 nylon hair painting brushes. Each of these brushes provides fluid and even strokes leading to effortless blending. These colors dry up pretty fast making it very user-friendly. They are non-toxic and hence can be used by children of all age groups. They are well suited for a huge range of surfaces. If you’re looking for a set of acrylics that are like watercolors, Ohuhu Complete Acrylic Paint Set is worth a try.

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