Beard washes for men who are obsessed with facial hair

FP Studio September 17, 2020 19:11:59 IST
Beard washes for men who are obsessed with facial hair

Two for one
The Vasu Greeko Man Beard and Facewash is a great product for men who don’t want the hassle of applying different products for their beards. It works very well if used twice a day. The olive oil and aloe vera moisturize your face and the pro-vitamin B5 in it ensures that your hair gets the nutrition it needs. It cleans your face and beard very well and your beard always feels more lively after a wash. That’s the hydration kicking in. Regular washing with this product will see your beard get smoother and beard hair get darker.

Good for sensitive skin
Nivea is one of the oldest and most respected names in the world when it comes to beauty and skin care. So one expects the best out of them in any product that they launch. The Nivea Men Beard and Face Wash doesn’t disappoint on any count. The formula in the product is mild and it gently cleans your facial skin and beard hair without drying it out. Nivea has a reputation of leaving skin soft and that is exactly what this wash does for the extremely sensitive skin beneath the beard. It removes excess oils, dirt, and residues from beard and skin. The formula also contains witch hazel and chamomile that reduce itch, irritation and discomfort, while vitamin e softens it. Great for men with sensitive skin.

Heals skin
When you make a claim that your product can take care of hair, face and beards, you better make sure you are ready to put your money where your mouth is. But that is exactly what L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Barber Club, Beard + Face + Hair, 3-In-1 Wash does. It is enriched with Cedarwood essential oil that gently cleanses, gives freshness, and softens beard and hair. It washes away beard flakes and dandruff, removes build-up from beard and leaves it soft and smooth. It does a deep cleanse of your face and purifies your skin. IT also cleans and conditions your scalp providing relief to it after a hard day’s work. This is perfect for the man who doesn’t have much time on his hands.

Improves hair texture
The Spruce Shave Club Beard Shampoo and Wash is a thing of beauty in itself. It has been carefully crafted with natural ingredients and essential oils to ensure your beard stays soft and healthy. The product goes to work at the base, strengthening your beard roots and hair. This prevents hairfall that in turn leads to a dense and thicker beard. The wash moisturizes the skin underneath the beard hair. Since this skin is covered by your beard and not exposed to sunlight, it becomes sensitive over time. Spruce ensures that your skin is also taken of. Good for men with sensitive skin.

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